About Me

Welcome! I'm a health psychology researcher, internet-based intervention designer, and web application designer at the University of California, San Francisco.

My work focuses on positive emotion skills -- not brainless "don't worry, be happy" stuff, but meaningful skills like gratitude, savoring, and kindness to others. Research shows that these skills not only make people happier in meaningful, long-term ways, they also help them deal with real problems. I'm collaborating with Judith Moskowitz, an eminent stress and positive emotions researcher who developed an intervention to teach these skills to people in all sorts of life situations, ranging from people recently diagnosed with HIV, to adults caring for an elder with dementia, to high school kids learning to cope with... high school. We're developing innovative internet and mobile tools that help people practice these skills in real-life situations and bring them out when they really need them!

I also volunteer with the Reproducibility Project, an open science initiative to assess the reliability and robustness of findings in major psychology journals. There's been a lot of discussion about the "crisis of reproducibility" in the social and biomedical sciences, and it will be an honor if I can help my field become a leader in reforming scientific practice and increasing confidence in our findings.

This site contains links to my CV, my publications, and other assorted projects. To get in touch with me, use the "Contact" link, or just email cohnm@ocim.ucsf.edu.