Michael Cohn, PhD

Step 1: Help teams get to the heart of their biggest questions and deepest needs -- and those of their users.

Step 2: Combine UX and scientific research skills to collect the right data and find meaningful, actionable answers.

Step 3: Work together to build things that are empirically awesome!

I'm Michael, and here's some of my work.

Center the needs of vulnerable users. Win their trust with a great first experience.

Help 12 research teams iterate quickly and adapt to SMS/mobile web data.

First place winner at the SF Lyme Innovation hackathon

Work with doctors, patients, and caregivers to turn confusing symptoms into usable insights.

UCSF Soda Policy

Learn how we're affecting health and engagement with a longitudinal survey of 3,000 highly diverse employees.

Define a local population of potential symphony-goers and design an app and social strategy.